Amazon Business

Purchase workflows improved: Editing the PO field

By Jimin Patel

Tracking your purchases just got simpler, thanks to a new purchase order feature on Amazon Business.

Businesses that track their orders using PO numbers frequently need to change the PO number during the approval process in order to fix errors or change how an order is tracked. Without the ability to edit the PO number, customers often needed to cancel and restart orders to correct the PO field. POchange1

We’ve just updated our PO feature to make editing the PO number in the approval workflow possible on Amazon Business. Now the approver of an order can change the PO field, adding, editing, or deleting information entered by the purchaser. The approver simply clicks “Change” on the Approve or Reject order page when approving a purchase.

A dialogue box then appears where the approver can enter the correct information and click “Save.”

The requisitioner will see the updated PO information upon receiving the order confirmation email.

Jimin Patel is a product manager for Amazon Business.