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Upload your users to Amazon Business

By Murali Govind

It just got easier to add users – even thousands at a time – to an Amazon Business account.

We have introduced a new tool that allows administrators to use a simple spreadsheet to onboard as many users as they want in a single step. It takes a core benefit of Amazon Business – the ability to have multiple users on a single account – and makes it even better by simplifying the process of adding users. 

All you need is three columns of data: email, group and role. The upload tool can be used for first-time invitations or to re-invite people whose previous invitations have expired.

Here’s a quick overview of how the process works.

1. In your Amazon Business account, click on your account menu and select “Manage Your Business." Upload1

2. Click “Add multiple people.” Upload.2

3. Download the CSV template. The template file has the group name pre-filled based on your account group. Uploadimage34. Fill out the file with email, group and role for each user. Uploadimage4

The following roles are supported:

Administrator – This person can manage people, groups, roles and approvals. This person is allowed to view orders and run order reports. Administrators cannot place orders unless they are also a Requisitioner. 

Requisitioner – This person can place orders or submits order requests for approval.

5. Save the file.

6. Click “Browse” and select the saved file. Click the “Upload file” button.

7. You will be notified when the file is uploaded and receive an email informing you of completion.

8. If there are any errors, you can download an error results file with error descriptions, fix the error, save and conveniently re-upload the same file.

If you need further assistance with organizing your users and setting up your account, please contact Amazon Business Professional Services:

Murali Govind is a product manager for Amazon Business.