jennifer maul

Hiring by design to help our customers succeed

We built our sales team based on Amazon’s most important leadership principle – customer obsession.
What’s it like to be a Customer Advisor at Amazon Business?

Amazon Business is helping organizations of all sizes and across all industries change how they procure indirect supplies. By offering a digital B2B space that brings business buyers and sellers together, customers have access to hundreds of millions of items at great prices, provided in an easy to use and familiar shopping experience.

To best serve small and medium businesses and enterprise organizations, we designed our sales team to embody Amazon’s defining culture of customer obsession. We call these customer-obsessed sales representatives Customer Advisors. A Customer Advisor engages directly with the procurement and supply chain decision makers at our customers’ businesses and organizations. They understand the organization’s goals and help them think differently about B2B marketplaces, which can help an organization transform its procurement strategy.

Everything from getting started on account setup to shifting office spend is a discussion we love to have with our customers.
Jennifer Maul
Head of US Sales, Amazon Business

Our Customer Advisors deeply understand procurement technology, are well-versed in how to integrate Amazon Business into e-procurement systems, know how to use our business analytics to help customers make strategic decisions, and are experts at guiding their customers to consolidate indirect spend (miscellaneous, office, IT, consumables, breakroom, etc.) into a single Amazon Business solution. Everything from getting started on account setup to shifting office spend is a discussion we love to have with our customers.

The approach is working. Millions of customers, including 80% of the 100 largest enrollment education organizations, 55 of the Fortune 100 companies, more than half of the 100 biggest hospital systems and more than 40% of the 100 most populous governments use Amazon Business as a solution. Businesses and organizations of all sizes use Amazon Business’ tools to help them manage their spend, which in turn allows them to free up time that they may have spent on negotiating and contracting everyday items, such as office supplies.

Our Customer Advisors take pride in helping customers transform procurement, and they love being part of a team who has brought business marketplaces to the forefront over the past four years. We love the stories from our customers that have embraced Amazon Business because of our sales engagement approach, and our comprehensive, competitive, and easily usable marketplace.

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