Amazon Business

Create and save a list of favorite suppliers on Amazon Business

By Ravinder Goel


Businesses can now add sellers on Amazon to our new Saved Suppliers list, which provides a single place to view and connect to their favorite suppliers.


Saved Suppliers makes it easy for customers to learn more about their favorite sellers, as well as visit those sellers’ storefronts to explore their products. The suppliers in their list also appear as “Saved supplier” when they hover over a seller’s name on product pages, making purchase decisions even easier.  


To add a seller to the list, go to a seller’s profile page and click “Add supplier.” The same “Add supplier” link also appears when customers hover over a seller’s name on a product page and their Orders page. To view their list of Saved Suppliers, customers just click on the “Manage suppliers” link that appears next to “Add supplier” and in the drop-down menu on their business account.


Businesses can quickly and easily explore products offered by their Saved Suppliers by clicking on the storefront link for a supplier. The Manage Suppliers page (shown below) also includes links that allow businesses to ask suppliers questions, plus links to profile pages and returns policies.


The Saved Suppliers list is exclusive to Amazon Business account holders. Each business account user can create a separate list of Saved suppliers.


Customers can tell us how much they like this new feature by clicking on the “Give us feedback on Manage Suppliers” link at the bottom of the Manage Suppliers page.




Ravinder Goel is a product manager for the Amazon Business Marketplace.