Amazon Business

Search and shop Amazon Business directly from Coupa with Coupa Open Buy

With the evolving needs of today’s fast-paced organizations many employees may need to purchase outside of their corporate-approved channels due to the lack of search results from their hosted procurement catalogs. This can result in non-compliant spending outside of corporate-approved channels and reduced spend visibility.

Recognizing this challenge, Amazon Business has worked closely with leading cloud-based spend management provider Coupa to create Coupa Open Buy with Amazon Business. Earlier this year, Coupa and Amazon Business introduced Coupa Open Buy to give Coupa customers visibility and instant access to millions of items beyond the purchasing catalogs managed by their employer. With this easy-to-implement service, Coupa customers in business, higher education and the public sector can browse Amazon Business directly from the search bar at the top of the Coupa interface. Coupa Open Buy is now generally available to Coupa customers.

With a seamless, intuitive purchasing experience and access to Amazon’s vast selection, Coupa customers benefit from the Amazon Business e-commerce expertise and gain visibility into full product catalogs on an established multi-seller marketplace, which helps eliminate the need to manage individual catalogs, improves compliance and reduces total costs. Organizational budgets and spending controls are automatically applied, and approval workflows can be configured to monitor compliance with procurement guidelines. Coupa reporting tools can also be used to analyze Amazon Business purchases along with other suppliers.

Thanks to greatly expanded product access with Coupa Open Buy, employees can make purchases independently, and one-time purchases can be made without the need to interface with accounts payable or purchasing employees. They can also compare prices to ensure they are getting the best value for the company’s investment.

Additionally, with the open marketplace selection of Amazon Business, employees have access to the latest products and services. Ultimately, organizations can reduce the total number of suppliers they need to manage by moving a wide range of purchase categories to Amazon Business. By bringing off-contract purchasing into Coupa, organizations can greatly increase visibility into tail spend and identify strategic opportunities to reduce costs and consolidate demand.

For organizations that use Coupa, Coupa Open Buy with Amazon Business brings together the best of business-to-business control with business-to-consumer ease and innovation, enabling next-generation purchasing experiences.

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