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Product Tips

Find and purchase the right items with Guided Buying

In 2018, Amazon Business launched Guided Buying, a Business Prime feature that guides buyers to the “right” items. It gives administrators the ability to automatically enforce preferred and restricted purchasing policies, enabling buyers to more easily adhere to their organization’s purchasing goals and improve purchasing compliance. When creating this new...

Four steps to create a year-end procurement dashboard in 10 minutes

As businesses of all sizes settle in to the new year, leaders often pull reports on annual spend data to create new budgets and plan ahead. This common need prompted our customers to ask for procurement analytics, which is why we built Spend Visibility. Spend Visibility, powered by Amazon QuickSight,...

Amazon Business Modernizes Procurement Practices with the Launch of New Business Prime Benefits

Amazon Business introduces new benefits for Business Prime designed for organizations with multiple buying employees - Amazon Guided Buying and Amazon Spend Visibility. In a nutshell, Guided Buying lets you configure the Amazon shopping experience for your business specific policies and capture more of your spend with Amazon Business. Spend Visibility enables you to gain procurement insights into spend by department, category, supplier, and month, and fine tune your policies to manage future spend.

Fulfilling the category management promise with digital procurement transformation

In procurement, category management means organizing purchases into units that match distinct categories of suppliers (rather than according to internal needs and processes), and then aligning management of those categories to the organization’s key objectives. With category management, organizations can pursue distinct strategies that match the realities of each category,...

Navigating your new Amazon Business account

After you've created your new Amazon Business account, you’ll notice a few changes to your Amazon experience. Here are a few tips to help you get familiar with your new account.