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Creating purchasing approval workflows

Get spend control without the red tape or bottlenecks.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve shared details for setting up multi-user accounts and groups on Amazon Business. Approval workflows provide additional visibility and control over purchasing between the many users you may have across a multi-user account or group. With approval workflows, you have the power to manage your organization’s spending and streamline your procurement process, while users on your account can easily view and take action on pending orders.

By customizing your order approvals, you can best manage your organization’s buying on Amazon Business. With approval workflows you can:

  • Set up who can approve orders by adding your group’s designated approvers (up to six levels and up to 10 approvers at each level). Approvers receive notifications for purchase requests and take action based on the workflow you establish.
  • Accommodate exceptions with the power to override group settings and set approval workflows at the individual level.
  • Delegate approval by setting an alternate, temporary approver for when you are out of office, ensuring no orders are left waiting.
  • Set restricted category approvals to prevent users from purchasing items from certain categories.

With approval workflows, you can include important order information such as purchase order or cost center number, or set up batch process approval requests to improve your efficiency. You can define dollar limits and control spending while maintaining flexibility for policies across different areas of your business.

Once you’re set up with approval workflows, you’re ready for Business Prime. Come back next week to learn how Business Prime delivers many business benefits, including unlimited, Fast, FREE Shipping on eligible orders for everyone on your account.

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