College Place School District puts students first with easy purchasing on Amazon Business

A school district in Walla Walla, WA consolidates their suppliers and modernizes procurement, freeing up teachers from administrative tasks so they can focus on the learning mission.

In order for teachers to educate and students to learn, everyone needs the right supplies. It sounds simple, but academic purchasing requires the delicate coordination of many moving parts.

At College Place School District in Washington state, the needs of hundreds of teachers and 1,400 students are varied, from science lab kits to new desks. Traditionally, the Director of Business and Finance managed all purchases through the central office. Teachers had to submit a cumbersome requisition form and central office staff had to route it through multiple supervisors before approving it, and then manually enter the request into the district software system.

College Place knew there had to be a better way to get supplies quickly and easily without administrative tasks taking so much time. The district turned to Amazon Business; teachers were familiar with the interface and online experience, and the business account could be connected to Skyward, the district’s existing software system.

Now that teachers can shop on Amazon Business, they can comparison shop for better prices and save time; no more driving across town in a pinch to a large box store with a single pricing option. The district still has purchase approval controls, but it’s fast, and there is visibility into order history for more context. Teacher time is freed up to focus on what’s most important — student learning and innovation.

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