How Amazon Business works for you

Reduce procurement costs, enable transparency across multiple sellers, and access a greater selection.

Hundreds of thousands of businesses have moved purchasing to Amazon Business to achieve cost savings goals, reduce procurement complexity and access unmatched selection breadth. The Amazon marketplace empowers business customers by providing transparency of price, delivery options, product rating and seller ratings. The marketplace creates a level playing field of sellers and gives buyers access to hundreds of millions of products, with price competition that lets customers know they’re getting the right product at the right price.

How does the Amazon Marketplace work?

Amazon’s marketplace gives customers the option to purchase items directly from Amazon or from third-party sellers. For items purchased directly from Amazon, Amazon is the seller of record, owns the items, and fulfills all orders. For items purchased directly from third-party sellers on the Amazon Marketplace, third-party sellers are always the seller of record and own the items. Third-party sellers can fulfill all orders themselves or choose to utilize fulfillment services offered by Amazon. Nearly half of total units sold on the marketplace are sold by third parties.

Product offerings from third-party sellers are shown alongside Amazon’s product offerings on a product detail page. By viewing Amazon product offerings alongside third-party offerings, customers are able to select and order goods based on the best price, shipping and seller preferences. The Amazon Marketplace eliminates the need to visit multiple stores or websites for competitive bids. One search in the Amazon Marketplace provides access to a multitude of sellers competing for your business, reducing cost and procurement complexity.

Amazon provides advertising and payment processing for third-party sellers. As part of this, third-party sellers can highlight their selling credentials as part of their listing on the marketplace detail page. Proof of the third-party seller’s claimed credential is also visible to buyers. At present, Seller Credentials are only available to third-party sellers participating in the Amazon Business Marketplace.

How does the Amazon Marketplace differ for Amazon Business customers?

Amazon Business provides buyers with access to millions of additional business-only products. Some sellers on the marketplace restrict access to certain products because of competitive, regulatory or other concerns. Amazon Business gives those sellers the confidence that such products will only be sold to qualified businesses. These items are only visible to Amazon Business account holders on the marketplace.

Amazon’s marketplace provides one-stop shopping across a vast selection for business buyers. This selection can be accessed directly or via a business’s existing eProcurement solution. Amazon Business also provides administrators with controls to monitor that spending. That includes multi-user accounts, approval workflows and purchasing analytics.

How does Amazon Business work?

Amazon Business is a new marketplace on Amazon.com that gives businesses access to hundreds of millions of products in a shopping experience built for businesses.

Features include:

  • Multi-user accounts and approval workflows
  • Business-pricing and quantity discounts on select items
  • Purchase orders and customizable analytics reporting
  • Free two-day shipping on orders of $49 or more
  • Tax-exempt purchasing for qualifying organizations

Amazon Business makes it easy for businesses to compare multiple offers on products, and is integrated and certified for integration with leading purchasing systems.

After a business registers, configures an account and invites users to join the account, buyers can start their shopping experience on the Amazon Business home page. Buyers search for items their businesses need, view the Amazon and third-party offers for those items, and view the various product details. They can see whether there are offerings from small business or otherwise-credentialed sellers. After making a purchase decision, buyers choose shipping addresses and payment methods before finalizing a purchase.

Amazon Business adds a layer of oversight to the purchasing process. Account administrators can add purchasing approvals to their accounts.

Buyers and administrators can track orders through the entire fulfillment process. Purchase orders and analytics allow administrators to reconcile spending within their organizations.

The Amazon Marketplace helps businesses reduce procurement costs, enables transparency across multiple sellers, and gives businesses access to greater selection and dynamic marketplace pricing. In addition, the enterprise-friendly features available on Amazon Business provide companies control over purchasing authority and insightful information about their organization’s purchasing trends.

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