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Always Best Care streamlines purchasing, allowing them to spend more time helping patients

Franchisees are purchasing more and more items on Amazon Business so they can spend time on what matters most: Providing top quality care.

Always Best Care helps thousands of families around the United States with in-home care through one of its 107 franchises across 210 territories. Care staff provide companionship and personal care services, from arranging appointments and preparing grocery lists to playing card games and assisting with grooming.

Time is incredibly valuable for a business with a mission to add dignity and comfort to its clients lives. But time constraints were a challenge for franchise owners with the busy job of running day-to-day operations. They spent a lot of time purchasing office and medical supplies through outdated processes — long supply lists, decentralized vendors and sometimes driving across town to shop at a box store and load up the trunk of a car. Plus, since the franchises orders for themselves, they often don’t qualify for bulk pricing or the minimum order size to get free shipping.

In a pinch, staff would sometimes order items from through their personal accounts. Executive leaders at Always Best Care realized they could use Amazon Business to get the same wide selection, speed and convenient online experience that they get with their consumer accounts, but designed with specific business benefits. Headquarters rolled out the Amazon Business adoption over three months, and franchisees were excited to have an easier, streamlined way to order supplies.

Franchisees are purchasing more and more items on Amazon Business — and getting them faster. Before, they had to pay other vendors extra for ‘overnight’ shipping, which still took a few days. Now, franchises have free Business Prime shipping and are seeing delivery times cut in half. The increase in efficiency means an increase in the time staff can spend providing high quality care.

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