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Thinking big, woman-owned small business achieves success

Rita Bonarrigo of Office Tex continues to reach new customers and grow her Texas-based, woman-owned office supply store.

Rita Bonarrigo has always had big plans for her small business. At its founding in 1999, The Office Tex was a niche business that sold computer media backup tapes to oil and gas companies. The world of B2B sales was a high-touch model of multiple face-to-face meetings.

“Everything took so much time,” Bonnarigo remembers. “Before it used to be that unless you were large, especially if you’re going into a large company, they didn’t want to deal with you unless they thought that you were large enough to handle their business. And unfortunately that would not help us grow.”

Over time, Bonnarigo found herself in a sales environment that was increasingly online and automated. She determined that she could have more success by building out her offerings online. Taking advantage of B2B eCommerce, Bonnarigo found success selling a full range of office supplies to a new set of customers beyond oil and gas companies, including government agencies, schools, and other businesses.

But when Bonnarigo decided it was time to take her six-person business to the next level, she knew she’d need a trusted partner to help. In March 2018, The Office Tex started selling on Amazon Business. Today, the company that Bonnarigo started selling backup tapes now has an inventory of more than 8,000 items that it sells to a diverse set of customers around the world. And the results speak for themselves.

The Office Tex, now selling everything for the office, from pens and paper to toner cartridges, has seen consistent month-over-month revenue growth on Amazon Business. In February 2019, revenue was 82% higher than the previous month.

Selling on Amazon Business provides The Office Tex marketing reach and brand recognition to grow in a way that it could never have with a limited sales and marketing budget. “The reach was almost overwhelming,” Bonnarigo recalls. “We found customers we didn’t even know were out there.”

We found customers we didn’t even know were out there.
Rita Bonarrigo, The Office Tex

And because The Office Tex is a Certified Woman-Owned Business, Amazon Business has helped Bonnarigo to highlight credentials and reach a growing market of businesses that are looking to increase their sourcing from diverse suppliers. “The level of awareness is shifting now, and it’s very prevalent for large businesses to search based on diversity,” says Bonnarigo. “The fact that they can search for ‘women-owned’ on Amazon Business is a huge benefit to us.”

Selling on Amazon Business helped The Office Tex reach larger businesses that it previously had been challenged to sell to because of its size. Now the company is able to scale to meet demand and can count on support from the Amazon Business team to help with future planned expansions into additional product categories.

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