Consolidate orders with pallet delivery from Amazon Business

For qualifying order sizes, Amazon Business now offers bulk consolidation at no extra cost.

Businesses tell us they love the convenience of having many shipping speeds available through Amazon Business, along with Free Two-Day Shipping on qualifying orders of $49 or more.

Now, Amazon Business customers across the U.S. can receive orders consolidated on one or more pallets. The pallet deliveries make it even easier for businesses to receive large, consolidated orders from Amazon Business.

When a business places a large order, Amazon Business determines whether we can consolidate the order for delivery via pallet.

To be eligible, your order must meet the minimum order size (the order must be more than 30 cubic feet in size or contain 200 pounds of products that are fulfilled by Amazon). Additionally, all products need to be located within Amazon’s fulfillment network so that the consolidated order will meet the delivery date provided to the customer at checkout.

If an order qualifies, the business is notified of the pallet delivery in a delivery confirmation email. Upon delivery, if the business does not have a receiving dock or there is no one available to receive the pallet, our carriers use lift-gates and are able to down-stack the pallet and remove pallets and related materials. In either case, the business receives a single consolidated delivery.

There is no additional cost for consolidated delivery or pallet delivery.

You can tell us if the address to which you are shipping has a receiving dock by updating your account settings (Your Account > Settings > Address Book > Manage Address Book > Click on the desired address > Click “Edit” See screen shot below). If you have not provided this information for an address and you make a large order for the address, we include this setting as a question during checkout.

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