Success Stories

A family-owned office supply company scales up on Amazon Business

Realizing the value of e-commerce in the office supply industry, a father and son team leverage Amazon Business to grow their company.

Large Baltimore organizations commit to small, diverse businesses by purchasing on Amazon Business

Johns Hopkins University and The City of Baltimore share how they use Amazon Business to support the local community by sourcing from small and diverse businesses.

Always Best Care streamlines purchasing, allowing them to spend more time helping patients

Franchisees are purchasing more and more items on Amazon Business so they can spend time on what matters most: Providing top quality care.

College Place School District puts students first with easy purchasing on Amazon Business

A school district in Walla Walla, WA consolidates their suppliers and modernizes procurement, freeing up teachers from administrative tasks so they can focus on the learning mission.

Oklahoma makes statewide procurement more efficient

The Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) makes purchasing consistent across the state government.

Franklin Creative expands at home and abroad

How a growing office supply company from Huntsville, Alabama leveraged Amazon Business to grow their company.

Simplifying purchasing for a world-class children's hospital

Seattle Children's Hospital simplifies procurement of small, non-medical items, shifting time from labor-intensive review and approval processes of everyday items to their value-added work.

Procurement integration with Amazon Business helps drive growth at Uber

How Uber uses real-time procurement data for more agile decision making.

Furnishing amenities for vacation rentals around the world

How the leading vacation rental property in North America manages supplies for 11,000 properties around the world with Amazon Business.